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Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)

Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
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Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
Protein Milkshake (Vanilla 500 g)
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Protein Milkshake

A huge, healthy hit of protein that’s massive on flavour, super-smooth, ultra-creamy – and deliciously drinkable.

- High in natural protein (16g per serving)

- Supports muscle growth and recover

- Drink it any time you need a protein boost

- Classic American milkshake taste, with better nutrition

- 500 g / 16 servings

It’s time to shake up your milkshake game. VPLab Protein Milkshake is your super-healthy hit of natural protein, here to help you smash your health and fitness goals. Think classic American milkshake, minus the high calories, fat and sugar. All you need is water – and your eyes on the prize.

Why VPLab Protein Milkshake?

Modern classic

VPLab Protein Milkshake resets the standard in milkshakes. Packing 16g of protein but with just 123 calories in each serving, this high-protein health shake tastes just like a traditional American milkshake, but isn’t loaded with the calories, fat and sugar. How? Where traditional milkshakes use a base of ice cream, whole milk and sugary syrups, we use a high-quality whey protein concentrate for a smooth texture and creamy taste, with a healthy boost of natural protein.

Low calories meet high protein

Traditional milkshakes can be packed with more than 500 calories, 15g of fat and 60g of sugar per serving. VPLab Protein Milkshake boasts a much-improved nutritional profile: just 123 calories, 2g of fat and 8g of sugar in each serving. And with four times as much protein as a traditional shake, it’s made for your healthy, active lifestyle.

Liquid strength

Protein is a real wonder-nutrient. Multiple functions in the body? Check. Helping to build and repair cells and tissues? Check. But for people like you, who thrive on a healthy, active lifestyle, it goes even further. After exercise, It helps your muscles recover and your body grow lean muscle mass. If that’s not enough, it helps keep your bones strong and healthy. The VPLab Protein Milkshake recipe is made for healthy, active lifestyles and perfect for a wide variety of diet plans. If you’re searching for a low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar milkshake that’s high-quality and high in protein, the hunt is over.

Nutrition facts



Per 100 g

Per serving*


1718 kJ / 411 kcal

516 kJ / 123 kcal


8.5 g

2.6 g

- of which saturated fatty acids 

7.3 g

2.2 g


29.1 g

8.7 g

- of which sugars 

27 g

8.1 g


5.5 g

1.7 g


51.8 g

15.5 g


0.25 g

0.08 g


* Serving Size: 30 g (approx. 1 scoop) powder in 300 ml water


Whey protein concentrate, skim milk protein powder, dextrose, vegetarian fat (from coconut), glycine, inulin, L-alanine, L-lysine, thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose), flavour, sweetener (sucralose).

Suggested usage

Stir 30 g of powder (1 measuring scoop) in 250 ml of water or juice.


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